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Dr. Andres Alvarez-Pinzon presents at the FNS Annual Meeting
Written on in Cancer Treatment, Event, Neuroscience, Scientific Seminar.

Dr. Andres Alvarez-Pinzon has made a presentation at the Neuro-Oncology Session of the 2015 Annual Summer Meeting of the Florida Neurosurgical Society (FNS). that took place on August 14-16 at The Brackers Hotel of Palm Beach, Florida.

Dr. Alvarez-Pinzon's presentation, "Is Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Effective for the Treatment of Primary CNS Lymphoma in AIDS?: A Retrospective, cohort study" was coauthored with, Jose E. Valerio, MD, FAANS, Sammie Coy, PhD, Nitiah Lopez-Lima, ARNP, Jennifer Escalante, MSc, PA-C, Marcos Sanchez-Gonzalez, MD, PhD, and Aizik Wolf, MD.

The Florida Neurosurgical Society was established in 1958 to unite qualified neurosurgeons in the State of Florida into a representative organization to further the aims and ideals of Neurosurgery and of the medical profession.


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