Go Further With Food - National Nutrition Month 2021
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Go Further With Food - National Nutrition Month 2021

We are on our second week of National Nutrition Month®, and for this week’s bulletin we want to focus on three specific functional foods and how we can incorporate them in our diets.



Health Benefits: -Berries are full of phytochemicals which are biologically active compounds found in plants. -Anthocyanins are the most common phytochemical found in berries which protects cells from damage. -Aid in the preservation of mental health -Help manage diabetes -Parkinson’s and Cancer prevention -Lower cholesterol -Anti-inflammatory -Boost heart health.

Easy ways to incorporate them in diet: -Add to yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast -Make delicious smoothies -Great easy snack option -Add to your salads -Look for berries that are currently in season -Frozen berries are also a great option  

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables:

Health Benefits:-Full of antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids -Cancer preventing properties due to the antioxidants -Full of fiber -Help lower cholesterol -Maintain heart health.

Ways to incorporate in diet: -Make a salad -Veggie wraps -Add to soups -Stir fry -Steamed -Add to omelettes  


Health benefits: -Rich in protein -Rich in fiber -Low in fat -High in Folate -High in Potassium -High in Magnesium -High in Iron -Cholesterol-free.

Ways to incorporate in diet: -Make black bean dip -Add kidney beans to an omellete -Use hummus (chickpea) as a sandwich spread instead of mayo -Add cooked lentils to a salad -Add beans to your quesadilla, tacos, and burritos.  

We would like to challenge you all to give these functional foods a try this week, how many servings can you include in a day? In this week? We are sure you’ll find ways to add them to your favorite dishes and snacks!  

Happy National Nutrition Month®! Checkout NNM’s website here for more information!


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