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    Larkin Surgical Services

    Our Surgical Services Department

    The Surgical Services Departments at Larkin South Miami and Larkin Palm Springs hospital maintain the highest degree of patient safety, expertise, and quality care. We might not be as large as our constituents but this allows us to offer specialized and compassionate care like none other. Don’t let our size fool you, over the years we have developed a team of world-renowned surgeons responsible for pioneering new surgical techniques and innovations that have led the healthcare industry and changed the standards of delivering care. 

    We utilize the newest technologies and minimally invasive techniques to improve clinical outcomes, reduce recovery time, and minimize surgical complications. At Larkin, each patient is more than a number, we take the time to understand the personal and medical history of patients to arrive at a treatment plan that aligns with their lifestyle, desires, beliefs, and medical needs. It is our goal to replace the emotional burden, fear, and confusion of surgery with optimism, reassurance, and clarity.

    Some Of Our Industry Leaders

    • Dr. Aizik Wolf, board certified in Neurosurgery, changed the course of stereotactic radiosurgery by being the first to expand its use to treat multiple metastases and treat larger-sized benign tumors.
      • The Miami Neuroscience Center was the first Gamma Knife program in Florida, the first neurosurgical program to provide outpatient Gamma Knife treatment, and one of the first programs providing outpatient awake craniotomy procedures.
    • Dr. Graham Mouw, board certified in Neurosurgery and fellowship trained Spine Surgeon, developed new spinal restoration techniques including a patent for a Total Lamina Replacement System to alleviate neck, shoulder, leg and back pain resulting from spinal disorders.
    • Dr. Razdan, board certified in Urology, specializes in robotic prostatectomy and has developed techniques including the use of human amniotic membrane and the MULP technique (Maximal Urethral Length Preservation) during prostate cancer robotic surgery to limit risk factors including urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction that are common in prostate surgery.
    • Dr. Angelo Gousse, board certified in Urology and Female Pelvic and Reconstructive Medicine, is a leader in urogynecology and has conducted extensive research in treating neurogenic urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, enlarged prostates, and erectile dysfunction through the use of neuropharmacology, implants, and reconstructive techniques. 

    We continue our growth by looking for new innovative procedures to improve health outcomes and provide the best possible care for patients. Check out some more services we have to offer below or call us to learn more. 

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    ServiceLarkin South MiamiLarkin Palm SpringsAdditional Facilities
    Breast Cancer Surgery 
    Breast ReconstructionLarkin Outpatient Multi-Specialty Center
    Cancer Surgery (Surgical Oncology) 
    Vascular Surgery 
    Endovascular Surgery  
    Gamma Knife Radiosurgery  Miami Neuroscience Center
    General SurgeryLarkin Outpatient Multi-Specialty Center
    NeurosurgeryMiami Neuroscience Center
    Ophthalmology (Eye) Surgery Larkin Outpatient Multi-Specialty Center
    Orthopedic SurgeryCenter for Advanced Orthopedics
    Podiatric Surgery 
    Thoracic Surgery 
    Urological Surgery 
    Weight-loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery) 
    Zap-X Radiosurgery  Miami Neuroscience Center
    Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery 


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