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    Pharmaceutical Services for All.

    Outpatient Pharmaceutical Services

    Larkin Palm Springs Pharmacy

    Located in the heart of the Hialeah community, Larkin Palm Springs Pharmacy, is a community retail pharmacy providing outpatient pharmaceutical services. We ensure to properly counsel and educate patients, as well as, answer any questions patients might have including proper drug usage and safety.

    Larkin Behavioral Health Services Pharmacy

    Located in Hollywood, Florida, Larkin Behavioral Heath Services (Larkin Hollywood), is a licensed community pharmacy serving mental health patients within our health systems. We are licensed to provide long acting psychotropic injectables to our patients to treat mental conditions such as schizophrenia.

    What We Stand For

    • Personal Professional Care and Service
    • Saving Patients Time and Money
    • Security and Convenience
    • Affordable Prices

    Pharmacy Hours

    Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

    Meet Our Pharmacists

    Elizabeth Gatsonis, the lead pharmacist at Larkin Palm Springs Pharmacy, has over 25 years experience in helping individuals with their prescription needs. She is dedicated to understanding your health concerns and then working to achieve the best result for your individual situation.

    Accurate. Safe. Reliable.

    Expert Pharmacists, Over 25 Years of Experience

    Diabetes Medication

    Prescription and Refills

    Larkin Palm Springs Pharmacy

    Larkin Behavioral Health Services Pharmacy 


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