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Located in the heart of the Hialeah community, Larkin Palm Springs Pharmacy, is a community retail pharmacy providing outpatient pharmaceutical services. We ensure to properly counsel and educate patients, as well as, answer any questions patients might have including proper drug usage and safety.

Larkin Behavioral Health Services Pharmacy

Located in Hollywood, Florida, Larkin Behavioral Heath Services (Larkin Hollywood), is a licensed community pharmacy serving mental health patients within our health systems. We are licensed to provide long acting psychotropic injectables to our patients to treat mental conditions such as schizophrenia.

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Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Palm Springs Campus: 305-824-4771

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Elizabeth Gatsonis, the lead pharmacist at Larkin Palm Springs Pharmacy, has over 25 years experience in helping individuals with their prescription needs. She is dedicated to understanding your health concerns and then working to achieve the best result for your individual situation.

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Larkin Palm Springs Pharmacy

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"Medication News & Updates"

Short-term clinical trials have shown that routine use of antibacterial mouthwash depletes oral nitrate-reducing bacteria and decreases systemic nitric oxide bioavailability.

Nitric Oxide is made naturally in the body and plays a vital role in relaxing the cells in blood vessel walls. This relaxation causes the blood vessel to widen, thus increasing circulation. Age and a lack of dietary nitrates in our food contribute to a loss in Nitric Oxide. Adequate circulation is critical for Cognitive Health, Nerve Health, Cardiovascular Health, and Sexual Health. By Age 40, Nitric Oxide Levels Drop by 50%. 

The proprietary formulae in Berkeley Life supplements provide depleted patients with dietary nitrates and essential vitamins to help support the body's natural Nitric Oxide production. 2 capsules once a day of Berkeley Life supplements provide the dietary nitrate equivalent of 5 OZ of spinach or 7 OZ of beetroot.

Please see the clinical resources that provide additional information about the Nitric Oxide supplement - Berkeley Life’s Nitric Oxide foundation.

Berkeley Life supplements are recommended for the following patient populations:
•    Blood Pressure
•    Erectile Dysfunction (if little nitric oxide is present, circulation may not be sufficient for sexual function. For this reason, sexual health support medications such as Cialis or Viagra can be  ineffective for up to 40% patient population.)
•    Neuropathy

This product is available exclusively through licensed healthcare practitioners only. The good news is that our employees can purchase these supplements from Palm Springs Outpatient Pharmacy, effective 01/06/2023! The price will be $49.99 for one month's supply. According to the patient's reviews, this is a MUST-try product that works!

Palm Springs Outpatient Pharmacy Operating Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM (Mon thru Fri)
Phone Number: 305 824 4771


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