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Taste of Beirut
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Taste of Beirut

Fresh vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, fish, nuts and seeds are the foundation of Lebanese cuisine. Lebanese dishes, including hummus, are made from fresh ingredients that are naturally low unhealthy fats.


Nutrition and Emotional Wellbeing
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Nutrition and Emotional Wellbeing

By Emily Ackerberg, Dietetic Intern

Have you ever considered that your food could be the reason you feel depressed, forgetful, or just in an overall funky headspace? If you haven’t, read on! Being deficient in a few very common nutrients can have an incredible impact on our mood and brain function. We are here to ...


Dietetic Interns At Larkin Celebrate National Nutrition Month
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Dietetic Interns At Larkin Celebrate National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month is a nutrition education and information campaign created annually in March by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Larkin Community Hospital's dietetic interns join this excellent campaign and organized an event at main campus in South Miami. The campaign focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.


February Is Heart Health Month
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Dr. John Dylewski, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist at Larkin Community Hospital had an important and educative talk with Gabriel Peralta, LarkinTv News reporter, about Heart Health. February is Heart Disease Awareness Month and Larkin Community Hospital is with you all the time. 

Check out the videos and learn about heart disease, the illness that claims thousands of ...


¿Por qué el azúcar es tan irresistible?
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Por Su-Nui Escobar, MS, RDN

No hay duda: ingerir azúcar puede hacernos sentir felices de la misma forma que en el centro de recompensa del cerebro se estimula al consumir cocaína u opiáceos. No es sorprendente que, ahora, tengamos investigaciones que muestren las propiedades adictivas de azúcar. Por ejemplo, en un estudio realizado en el ...


What’s cooking?!
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I’m tired of being the only one that cooks.” 

“Let’s just go out for dinner.”

“I don’t feel like cleaning the dishes, let’s just order take out.”

By: Rebecca Goodrich, MS, RDN  

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.  We’ve all been too tired to cook up something for our families, let alone for ourselves.  ...


Foods that boost your brain power!
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Food for thought

By Rebecca Goodrich, MS, dietetic intern.

It is often said that “you are what you eat.”  We can say that there is definitely some truth in this, as health and nutrition can be defined in numerous ways.  Food has always been impactful to our health and contributes to how ...


Ready for something yummy!
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The good ol' days:

Remember your parents telling you how important it is to eat breakfast and how it is the "most important" meal of the day?  Well, there's definitely some truth in that!

Why breakfast?

Breakfast has the power to jump-start your metabolism while decreasing cravings throughout the day. Breakfast is so important ...


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