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Larkin Nominated for R.E.A.L. Award for Health Sciences Campus Project
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On March 12th, 2014, Larkin Community Hospital was named a Public Sector Finalist for the Real Estate Achievers & Leaders Award by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.  Larkin Community Hospital was selected for the development of the Larkin Health Sciences Institute campus in South Dade.The Larkin Health Sciences Institute campus will benefit the surrounding communities through an estimated 696 jobs created in construction and operations, and also through the educational opportunities offered at the school. 

By 2020, we will be facing a serious shortage of physicians, registered nurses, pharmacists, and dentists to care for an aging population.  On top of this, our nation is struggling to bring students from minority backgrounds into healthcare related fields. 

Our mission is to educate students in a multicultural, multiethnic environment using state-of-the-art technologies and knowledge founded on evidence-based science. Larkin Health Sciences Institute is an investment in educational and professional opportunities for young people in our neighboring communities.  150 new physicians will be graduating from our institute each year, many of whom will stay to train at Larkin Community Hospital and start their practice in Miami-Dade County.

Click here to learn more about Larkin Health Sciences Institute.


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