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    Inpatient Adult Behavioral Health Program

    Turning Hopes & Dreams into Achievable Goals

    Group and Family Therapy Offered 7 Days a Week

    Our Program

    Treatment at the Larkin Community Hospital Adult Inpatient Behavioral Health Program is designed for adults who are unable to function at home or at work and therefore require and intervention and stabilization. These patients could be a risk to themselves or others, hence we offer 24/7 Crisis Assesment and Referral Services. We provide the safety and comfort you and your family are seeking through our committed and specially trained behavioral health staff. 

    Inpatient Transition

    Larkin Community Hospital offers a step down care approach for a smoother patient transition from inpatient to community and family life. Larkin's Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Program are designed to assist our inpatient adults to gradually move to outpatient treatment and ensure continuity of care.

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    The Path to Healing Begins Here

    Don't wait to start the journey towards wellness. For more information please call us at 754-777-5600 or click to request information online. 


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