Ultrasound / Vascular Imaging


Vascular / Arterial Studies 

Vascular and Arterial studies are a noninvasive (the skin is not pierced) procedure used to assess the blood flow in arteries and veins. A transducer (like a microphone) sends out ultrasonic sound waves at a frequency too high to be heard. When the transducer is placed on the skin at certain locations and angles, the ultrasonic sound waves move through the skin and other body tissues to the blood vessels, where the waves echo off of the blood cells. The transducer picks up the reflected waves and sends them to an amplifier, which makes the ultrasonic sound waves audible.

no special preparation is necessary. The procedure usually lasts about 30 minutes. After the exam, you can go home and go back to your normal activities.

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  • Atherosclerosis. 

  • Aneurysm. 

  • Thrombus or embolus. 

  • Inflammatory conditions.  

  • Varicose veins. 

  • Doppler ultrasound

  • Color Doppler

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