Ophthalmology Residency Program Holds First Graduation.
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Beraja Medical Institute, Larkin Community Hospital, and Nova Southeastern University celebrate the Ophthalmology Residency Program First Graduation. In 2012 three of so called giant organizations in terms of education and imparting knowledge to new generations of doctors joined their forces to create an Ophthalmology Program accredited by the American Osteopathic Association. Since the beginning it has been the largest Osteopathic Ophthalmology Center of education in the US. Beraja Medical Institute (BMI) is an acclaimed Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery practice providing excellent care to patients from our community for 28 years. BMI has also provided to doctors in the US post-graduate education in ophthalmology and plastic surgery subspecialties during 17 years. Larkin Hospital is the headquarters for many medical specialties and more than 200 doctors receiving post-graduate education. Nova Southeastern University houses Medicine and Optometry School besides offering undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. Dr. Bavand Youssefzadeh, Dr. Matthew Heller, and Dr. Matthew Weinstein graduation celebration will be at a private reception on Saturday, June 6,2015. The three post-graduate education institutions are proud to graduate doctors who through their knowledge and surgical ability will help thousands of people along their careerpath to maintain and improve their visión. On this day they shall be recognized for their studies and hard work. “These new Ophthalmologists are a great example of academic achievements in our communty, we wish them the best” said Dr. Roberto Beraja, Beraja Medical Institute Medical Director and Residency Program Director. Recognized people involved in the training and education of doctors like Dr. Jack J. Michel, President at Larkin Hospital, and our hosts, Dr. Roberto and Victor Beraja will be present at the reception. The media has been invited to cover this event and make it known to our community. For further information please contact: Carmen Sirias (Carmen.sirias@beraja.com) Cellphone: 786.326.5230


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