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State-of-the-Art Facility Recognized for Quality of Patient Care and Cost Efficiency

South Miami, Florida, December 17, 2013 - - Miami Neuroscience Center, home to one of the nation's premiere Gamma Knife® programs, has been recognized by AvMed with its prestigious Medicare High Performance Network (HPN) designation for 2014.  The HPN superior award is based on a comparison of hospitals, physicians and specialty medical organizations that exceed or meet AvMed's exacting standards for health care providers. Miami Neuroscience Center is home to what is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished Gamma Knife programs in the country.  Not an actual knife, the Gamma Knife is a technologically pioneering, non-invasive system for the treatment of brain, head, and neck and cervical spine, cancers.  Internationally recognized for its groundbreaking work in radiosurgery, the Miami Neuroscience Center team is the only one with more than 20 years of experience treating patients together, providing an unparalleled level of expertise that focuses on a compassionate approach to patient care. The Miami Neuroscience Center is located at Larkin Community Hospital. Miami Neuroscience Center's achievement of the AvMed HPN designation recognizes its exemplary performance in key areas including clinical patient care standards, the achievement of cost efficiencies, and proper insurance coding.  Because of this designation, AvMed Medicare patients who are treated at Miami Neuroscience Center can receive medical services for lower or no co-payment.  The HPN designation extends from 2014-2016. Dr. Azik Wolf, Medical Director of the Miami Neuroscience Center and one of the world's leading authorities on radiosurgery and the Gamma Knife, said the award is particularly meaningful because it speaks to the importance of patient centered-care. "We believe every healthcare provider has an obligation to constantly strive for excellence assuring patients the very best in quality and affordable medical care.  We are particularly pleased that this independent evaluation of our services underscores our success in doing just that.  It serves as an important measure for patients who must be informed consumers. Choosing the right healthcare provider means doing your homework to be sure you are getting the best treatment and the cost effective value you deserve.  This recognition assures every patient that chooses Miami Neuroscience Center that they are selecting a trusted source of the very best quality care and that we can be counted on to be dependable stewards of the important financial investment that comes with that choice” he said. AvMed is a Florida-based and Florida-focused provider of health plan solutions for individuals and businesses. It is one of Florida’s oldest and largest not-for-profit health plan. To learn more about the Miami Neuroscience Center, visit www.miamineurosciencecenter.com.