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Larkin School of Nursing Celebrates Second Commencement Ceremony
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The Larkin School of Nursing is proud to congratulate its second graduating class on a successful commencement ceremony held on May 5th, 2015.


Opening remarks were given by Dr. Alberto Guerrero, Dean, Dr. Manuel Fernandez, Assistant Dean, Mrs. Sandy Sosa-Guerrero, CEO of Larkin Community Hospital and President of the Larkin School of Nursing, and Dr. Jack Michel, Chairman of the Board of Larkin Community Hospital. The keynote address was given by Dr. Jackie Gonzalez, Senior VP & CNO of Niklaus Children's Hospital.


A Pinning and Candlelight Ceremony was also held, in which each graduate received a pin to symbolize their achievement in becoming nurses and to mark the beginning of their careers. Each graduate asked an important person in their lives to assist them in the pinning ceremony. The graduates list is as follow: *  


May 2015 Graduates: Agustina Bombino Veronica Cadavid Andrew Caruncho Valeria Correa Esther Garcia Cecilia Gomez Jason Horruitiner Jennifer Perez, Class President Roberto Ramos Jose Vargas  


August 2015 Graduates: Jessica Estrada Ross Schmitt Katherine Shatsky Elina Vergara Crystal White, Class President Moraima Alamar Diane Augustus Patricia De La Vega Ana De Velasco Herminia Diaz   To learn more about the Larkin School of Nursing, please click here.   *Please note that the students listed are candidates for graduation and may still need to complete some course requirements before receiving their diploma.  


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