CEME Poster Competition Winners.
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Larkin Community Hospital is proud to recognize the great work of our resident physicians who competed in the CEME Poster Competition in November 2016. In the Experimental Research category, Cynthia A. Kos, DO, MSc, PGY-3, Malgorzata Liberkowska, MD, Przemyslaw Guzik, MD, PhD, and Marcos Sanchez-Gonzalez, MD, PhD, won first place for "Brain-derived neurotrophic factor as a potential link between depressive symptoms and heart failure severity.” Dr. Cynthia Kos is part of the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Larkin Community Hospital and Dr. Marcos Sanchez Gonzalez is the Director of the Division of Clinical & Translational Research at Larkin Community Hospital.

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Our program also took 2nd place in Case Study Research, with "Multidisciplinary Surgical Management of Fournier Gangrene in a Community Hospital Setting” by Farnaz Haji, DO, PGY-2; Tayler van den Akker, OMS-4; Joanna Finazzo, OMS-4; Norman Rose, DO from the General Surgery Residency Program at Larkin Community Hospital.


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