Robotic Surgery

Microscopic Precision. Minimally Invasive.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Larkin Health System is committed to advancing in the practice of minimally invasive, robotic assisted surgery. Our highly trained surgeons can employ the use of the da Vinci Systems Robot,which the surgeon controls via the "Surgeons Console" and monitors via the "vision cart". This system gives the surgeon access to "an advanced set of instruments" with a "greater range of motion" and thereby allows the surgeon to work through tiny incisions in the body (Intuitive Surgical, 2021). Minimally invasive surgery shortens the recovery period and lessens the risk of surgical complications for the patient.  


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Prostate Cancer Robotic Surgery
Prostate Robotic Surgery
Gynecologic Cancer Robotic Surgery
Gynecologic Robotic Surgery
Abdominal Robotic Surgery
Colorectal Robotic Surgery
Kidney Robotic Surgery
Weight-loss Robotic Surgery 


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