New Dermatology Center at Larkin Community Hospital
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Larkin Community Hospital is proud to offer patients a new dermatology center!  The Florida Academic Dermatology Center at Larkin is one of the few inpatient dermatology units in the United States.  Led by Dr. Francisco Kerdel, this department provides specialized care for severe dermatological conditions including but not limited to immunobullous disorders, collagen vascular diseases and papulosquamous disorders.  In addition, we specialize in the care of cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma, and chronic Graft vs Host disease providing photopheresis treatments for these conditions.  This center is equipped with hydrotherapy and phototherapy units which are effective in many dermatologic disorders.  The team also includes Assistant Medical Director Carlos Ricotti, MD, and Dereen Neil, RN, Dermatology Nurse Supervisor.  The residents of the dermatology residency training program at Larkin Community Hospital, under the directorship of Dr. Stanley Skopit, will be rotating and managing the in-patient service with Dr. Kerdel, bringing the benefits of a teaching setting to patient care. 

To learn more, call 786-879-9551.


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