Brain Tumor Awareness Stamp
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Brain Tumor Awareness Stamp

The National Brain Tumor Society has requested that the US Postal Service produce a stamp to increase brain tumor awareness. We are asking that you join us in petitioning the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee to approve a brain tumor awareness stamp.


Follow the link below: You can do this in two ways:

  1. Sign our electronic petition which will be sent to the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee.

  2. Edit, print, and send the letter to the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee. (All you have to do is type in your name and address, print, sign, and send the letter.)

  There is no such thing as too many letters and signatures! The Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee considers only "events and themes of widespread national appeal and significance." Right now, 600,000 people are living with a primary brain tumor. (That's more than the population of Seattle, Denver, or Washington, DC). Thousands more have metastatic tumors. Please speak out for those who are affected by this devastating disease.


By signing the petition, you'll join patients, survivors, families and caregivers in an effort to bring national attention to this often under-funded disease. Our goal is to collect enough signatures to demonstrate to elected officials the need to increase an understanding of brain tumors. Sign today and encourage your friends and family members to join this drive for brain tumor awareness NOW!



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