Internship Costs

Tuition and Fees

How much does the tuition cost?

Tuition for the program (due prior to start rotations) (Includes RD Exam Study Materials)
DICAS Application
$50 for first DI program
$25 for each additional selected
D&D Digital$55
Background check, drug screen, and immunizations$162
Housing (depends on location)$500-$3000 /month
Car insurance$1200 /year ($100/month)
Travel to supervised site (Cost will vary depending on each location,type of transportation, and other factors. Larkin DI will make an effort to help interns to rotate as close to their homes as possible). Larkin Community Hospital-South Miami Campus is located within walking distance from Metro station.$1,200 ($40/week)
Travel to Miami, FL for Orientation (depending on where you are coming from)$150-400 flight
$80-300/night hotel
Professional liability insurance$25/year
Laptop and internet$300-1000
Academy student membership$50
Lab coat and Charcoal scrubs$60-80
Health insurance$2400/year ($200/month)